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The goal of this clinic is to
on local pet overpopulation
in order to reduce 
euthanasia in our
area shelters. 
As part of the 
National Spay Neuter Response Team, it 
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"The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
-Mahatma Ghandi

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Special Needs

When adopting a pet, please consider adopting an adult pet, a black pet or a pet with special needs.These pets are the first to be abandoned and the last to be adopted.

During the summer months, hundreds of kittens and puppies are born that make it almost impossible for homeless adults to get adopted.They are just too cute and too hard to compete with, but before you adopt that cute kitten or puppy, consider this...

Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet (or full grown)

  1. These pets are already housebroken or litter trained. All the work of housebreaking has already been done for you.
  2. Its personality is already developed and what you see is what you get. With puppies and kittens what you really see is playfulness and they outgrow that.
  3. Adult pets are less expensive since you don't have to give them kitten or puppy boosters. These shots are already done for you. Adults are less likely to be sickly the first few months in your home because they have stronger immune systems than kittens and puppies.
  4. There is no question as to how big it will get. It's already full grown! Adopt a 15 pound puppy and watch it grow to 100 pounds!!! Hope you are prepared.
  5. Adults are already settled and calmer. They are less likely to chew since they are no longer teething. Adult cats are less likely to climb your curtains or pounce on your feet when you are asleep.
  6. Adult cats and dogs are SOOO grateful to get a second chance. Many were once house pets and are homeless through no fault of their own. Reasons people give them up include: allergies, having babies, moving, and losing jobs.
  7. You would be a REALLY GOOD Samaritan if you gave an overlooked adult pet a home.

Why are black cats and dogs often overlooked?

  1. They are often overlooked at shelters because people tend to be attracted to more colorful pets that stand out especially at shelters with poor lighting.
  2. People are superstitious and are afraid of bad luck if they have a black pet. The black cat has long been associated with evil. Don't stereotype a black pet! Get to know it and give it a chance. Many M
  3. Black pets are more common since black is a dominant gene that has been passed on. Sheer statistics dictate that there are MORE black cats and dogs to be adopted. Adopters are drawn to unique pets, not common ones. They tend to judge a book by its cover, and don't take the time to get to know its personality.
  4. Black pets tend to take bad pictures (due to lighting again) so are often overlooked when the media comes to take pictures of homeless animals to promote adoptions. Instead, colorful pets are more likely to be promoted.

Here are Some of Our Special Needs Animals



My name is Summer and I am a sweet little girl. I was adopted from BCAS, but returned to the shelter when I tested positive for heartworms. I am so pretty with my sleek, shiny coat. I weigh around 40 pounds so I am one of those little black labs. I am sponsored by Monica Bennett. Thanks Monica! I am a friendly girl and I love people, but I may be best suited in a home without other dogs. I am a little defensive around them when I am on a leash. I walk really well on a leash though---I hardly pull at all. Adopt an ANGEL is paying for my heartworm treatment so there is no cost to my adopter. However, if you would like to help AAA pay for it you can donate to my cause at or by sending in a check to Adopt an ANGEL, PO Box 15095, Wilm, NC 28408.






My name is Ben and I was wandering the roads alone in rural Brunswick County when I was rescued by my foster mom. Of course no one claimed me, and to make matters worse, I tested positive for heartworms. My treatment will be around $250, plus the cost of my neuter and my shots will be close to $100. It will not be cheap for AAA so please contribute to my cause by clicking on the paypal donation or by sending in a check to AAA, at PO Box 15095, Wilm, NC 28408. 





My name is RECESS and I was dumped in the K-2 playground at Bolivia Elementary School. Yup, you heard it right---they inserted me into the playground and left me there. Just in case I somehow got in there on my own, ads were run looking for my owner, but no one claimed me. I am now neutered and I did test positive for heartworms so I will be undergoing heartworm treatment very soon. There will be no cost to my adopters unless they choose to donate towards my cause. Anyone else who would like to contribute, please donate via paypal at or mail tax-deductible donations to Adopt an ANGEL, PO Box 15095, Wilm, NC 28408. My heartworm treatment will be around $400. I am one of those very loving dogs who leans into you for love. I melt when you touch me. I am very attached to my people so it would be great if I went to a home where someone is home alot. 





I really need to be around people, and I do okay with dogs and other cats. I am not real social with them, but I do tolerate them. I may suffer from some hearing loss due to my thyroid problem so an indoor/outdoor (or indoor only) home is better for me. I am middle aged and take thyroid medication twice a day and it's easy for me to take if you slip it in my food. It's cheap too. I am homeless because my owner had to move.